Diapers ABDL HAT DRAWING!!! – two littles can get a happy Christmas gift from miss wolfie.

Hello all lovelies and cuties Diapers ABDL is doing a hat drawing for all people who follow on my twitter,tumblr, and participate within my community are welcome to join. Two people have a chance at winning a $25 gift card from LittleForBig funded by Diapers ABDL. The rules for participating are you must be a […]

Hello Kitty adult baby diapers… fundiapers.com

Hello lovelies and cuties I absolutely love these Hello Kitty ABDL Diapers. They are so cute, but very expensive they are great for special occasions. They are great and very cute!!! I want to try an get some minnie mouse ones. These are very cute as well! #abdlcommunity #abdl

Diapers ABDL Chat

Hello lovelies and cuties Diapers ABDL Chat now features the following stickers as both stickers, and emojis. Stitch, Beauty and The Beast, Bella,Rapunzel, Ariel, Bella, Hello Kitty,Alice in wonderland, Teddy Bears, Bambi, Genie, Aladdin and are a lot more are coming! Coming are: Frozen, Snow White, Sofia The First, Winnie the Pooh, Power Rangers, PowerPuff […]

Diapers ABDL back to it’s old chat software

Hello lovelies and cuties after solving all of the technical issues with rocketchat we have gone back to it. RocketChat has mean nice features and is just like discord there is a desktop app, phone app & web client. Feel free to join us:) #abdlcommunity #abdl #abdlchat

The Dotty Diaper Company – PRIDE!!

Hello all lovelies and cuties people have been asking me what the pride diapers are so I wanted to post some pictures of them. Maybe I will buy some and take pictures of my own booty hehe. <3 Buy them here The Dotty Diaper Company #abdl #abdlcommunity